PX7P+9C Gourdon


A raw material selected to guarantee quality and durability.

Selection of our solid woods:

Our endemic woods come mainly from sustainably managed forests in France to guarantee high quality and durability.

The drying time is respected so that the humidity level is optimal. As much as possible it happens naturally.

We only use heartwood, which is the hardest part of the wood so that its density is not afraid of attack by insects and is not likely to split. Our raw material is the heart of our business to a manufacturing scale wooden massive, so we pay attention there.

However, to meet the demand and the current trend, if you wish for certain achievements in the « rough sawmill » style, part of the sapwood can be included in your achievements.


The main types of wood used in our workshop:

chêne massif ebeniste


In a beautiful light and neutral color, it combines robustness and elegance to adapt to all situations. Its fine grain and its soft tones allow an infinite number of colors to be rendered. Therefore it is the most requested and appreciated.

détail bois merisier


A wood full of facets in light orange tones with golden and mahogany reflections. This species is in fact a wild cherry tree very widespread in Europe and frequently used in cabinet making. Unknown to the general public but who will seduce you.

bois de noyer


Walnut is tough dark brown and has a fine grain. He's the king of the woods! It is mainly used for cabinet making because its grain and its reflections allow us to make splendid furniture with a deep rendering.

détail bois mélèze brut


For him everything is allowed inside, outside, doors, tables…. It is one of the finest common conifers and is distinguished by its slightly pink color. Much more resistant than its resinous cousin the fir, it is frequently used for cladding houses

sol de bateau en tech


This very hard and fatty wood is extremely resistant to water. It is in fact often used for exteriors and in the nautical world.

We can also work with any other species (chestnut, ash, mahogany…). You choose according to your desires and your budget.