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Our cabinetery

Cabinetmaking, fine carpentry, furniture, windows and much more ...

Priolo cabinetry works with solid wood in all its variants, moreover our experience of more than 50 years allows us any type of realization according to your projects. From pure cabinet making, the creation of furniture, to carpentry, including layout and decoration, we will show you our field of action

Cabinetmaking furniture

Custom furniture:

Made to measure whether it is a table, a chest of drawers, a bed, we manufacture all our furniture to measure according to your desires. Come and discover some of its achievements.

Whatever the style of your desires from rustic to contemporary, including Provencal and modern ..


tabe basse en chene sur mesure

Reproductions :

You have always dreamed of a period piece of furniture, but your budget does not allow you to acquire an antique! Thanks to our know-how we can reproduce any piece of furniture.

Renovation and restoration:


Whether it is an old piece of furniture to keep or a damaged current piece of furniture, we will know how to give a second youth to your property.

♦ chipped or tarnished varnish

♦ wood that is burnt or that slowly crumbles

♦ break

♦ parasite attack

♦ etc …

We certainly have a solution to allow you to make your property last.

Relooking :

Because fashions change but solid wood remains, we can give your furniture a makeover to make them fit into your current interior and exterior decoration.

Painting, patinas, waxes … Any fantasy is allowed, you are the architect of your style!

etapes de finition relloking table


Wood joinery is back in the spotlight, facing poorly insulating aluminum and unsightly pvc on a building with character, with their many advantages: 

♦ They are visually warm 

♦ Easy to maintain and durable 

♦ Good thermal and sound insulation which makes them economical in the long term. 

No feeling of cold in winter or re-entry of heat in summer and in addition the wood is naturally insulating and resistant. While respecting the environment and returning to the very first materials used by man. Additional advantage and not the least! You won’t be coming back in 10 years to change your door or your windows.

fenetre et volets renovation

Layout of spaces (furniture and structures)

Cabinetmaking is also helping you to design your living spaces. Thanks to our layout training and our knowledge of materials, we know how to integrate your furniture in the form of sets and this in order to guarantee you a harmonious, practical and resistant visual.

For individuals:

♦ Kitchen and Bathroom: from floor to ceiling we can help you build your bathroom or your kitchen. Furniture, worktop, floors …

♦ Dressing room: with you, we will design the dressing room of your dreams by integrating features to simplify your life but also to save you space.

♦ Staircase: centerpiece of a home, the staircase in addition to its function can also define the style of your home. Spiral, straight, turning or even quarter-turn, there is no doubt that the tailor-made is required in this manufacture.

♦ Exterior layout: wooden terrace, cladding, shed, gate …

For companies :

♦ Countertop layout: For your business, you first need solid and secondly modular. Whether it is to resist the passage of customers or to adapt to your current needs. We have a solution for you.

♦ Advertising signs: Show your style! We manufacture advertising signs for your business that will stay in time and, moreover, will reflect your business.

♦ Shop fronts: While shops are becoming more uniform (between concrete, pvc and aluminum) we can help you stand out from the competition. A beautiful window frame, an advertising banner …

Furniture and more!

Cabinetmaking is a very wide field in terms of achievements. it is very difficult to list what we have achieved for 50 years and will achieve in the years to come. More simply if it’s in wood, we can do it for you!

objet d'art en bois résine et or




sol de bateau en tech


cadre en bois sur mesure avec moulures


You can also come with an picture and we will take care of the rest!